SanTrac discovers potential cybersecurity events before they damage or disrupt
your business

The policies, tools, and
procedures to rapidly detect any
potential cybersecurity risk

The third step, detect, enables us to quickly discover cybersecurity events, which means we can mitigate their impact. Categories within this function include: anomalies and events, security continuous monitoring, and detection processes.


Top 10 Ways Hackers Rob you Blind

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Ongoing monitoring, testing, and improvement ensures
your assets are not jeopardized by an undetected threat


Anomalies and Events

Ensure no unauthorized persons can access your physical IT or digital assets with strict user control and credential management


Security Continuous Monitoring

Equip your employees with the knowledge and skills to effectively perform the protection tasks outlined in your security policies and eliminate risks


Detection Processes

Continuous testing and improvement of threat-detection systems, procedures, and assets ensures quick discovery of events and mitigation of risk