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Devote more time to business development and less money to IT hardware

Our Managed Cloud IT Services puts a dedicated team of cloud engineers to work for your business. Whether it’s building a private cloud just for your organization or locking down data access rights on one of our cloud servers, the SanTrac team ensures you’ll never need to worry about technical details again. By partnering with us, your entire cloud environment is secured and supervised by certified professionals.

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SanTrac’s Cloud Support Features

Just the concept of cloud computing is difficult for many small business owners to grasp, which means understanding the features that come with it is even more difficult. We understand that if you’re considering outsourcing your cloud management, you need the benefits presented in plain and simple english.

Click on any of the features below for an easy-to-understand explanation of what our team does for you:

Our dedicated and certified experts make themselves available to you so you’re never in the dark about the status of your cloud.

When you need help turning your ideas into solutions, our engineers provide sensible answers.

Whether you contact us via phone, email or chat support, we’ll always respond as quickly as possible. Our average response time is a mere 40 seconds.

No matter where your data and computer resources are currently located -- on premises or in a competitor’s cloud -- we support you throughout the entire transition to our cloud solutions.

Beyond setting up and managing the highly technical aspects of your solution, we’ll also integrate your existing programs and processes with cloud technology.

Strategies for expanding your solutions have changed with the shift from on-premises hardware to pay-as-you-go subscriptions. Our team makes sure you never pay more than you need to.

In addition to all the security protocols and optimizations we put in place, the SanTrac team also supervises your cloud environments for day-to-day hiccups. User account problems and software compatibility issues are resolved as quickly as possible by one of our engineers.

From user access rights to storage capacity, we install everything you need to start working in a personalized cloud environment.

The best cloud solutions are rarely the simplest to manage. Our engineers have a broad range of experience and certifications, which mean you get high-end solutions and security without being limited by your technical knowledge.

Protecting your cloud environment requires a lot of attention. Multiple security updates are often released for a single application in the span of 24 hours, which is why we supervise your cloud resources all day, every day.

From regulatory compliance to industry best practices, there’s a lot to consider when configuring your backup solutions. Cloud technology makes the process easier, but our trained professionals ensure the long-term success of your data backup framework.

The only way to be 100% certain that your cloud-based disaster recovery plan works is by putting it through real-world exercises. Our team regularly analyzes, updates and tests your solutions to confirm that they will keep you operational if there is an outage.

Most large-scale problems are preventable if you recognize telltale signs early enough. We monitor your cloud structure to keep tiny problems from becoming enormous ones.

If you believe that a slow and inefficient cloud environment is hurting sales or productivity, we can run an end-to-end analysis to uncover pain points and bottlenecks. Equipped with that information, we’ll collaborate with your team on ways to speed things up.

One of the greatest things about the cloud is that despite being accessible to countless users simultaneously, software needs to be upgraded in only one place for everyone to benefit. We’ll keep your cloud environment current so you needn’t worry about tedious patches and updates.

Cloud environments are just as secure as local networks -- when managed properly. Our team takes a multi-layered approach to safeguarding your data from every type of cyber attack.

SanTrac provides onsite support and a remote help desk for business computers that access your cloud. This includes firewall maintenance, virus protection, spam protection, performance maintenance, security patching, and more.

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