Fixing problems and optimizing performance

If your PC or laptop has started running slowly, keeps crashing or takes forever to startup, or if your Internet connection has become sluggish, SanTrac Technologies Inc. are the people to talk to. We can also help you get new software, hardware or a computer up and running too. No job is too small or too big for the professionals at SanTrac and we’ll either come to you - or you can come to us - whichever you find more convenient..

Whether you need something as minor as your preferences or settings to be adjusted, or something a little more involved such as maintenance being performed or software to be installed, uninstalled and reinstalled, we can help.

No matter whether you need help with a company laptop or the family PC we use our knowledge and experience to ensure your equipment is working for you, not against you, and without losing any of your files or data.

In-home and In-store Computer Repair Services from SanTrac include:

  • Computer diagnostics and repair estimates - our technicians test your PC or laptop to see what’s causing you problems and will give you an estimate for repair
  • Computer diagnostics with repair - we’ll find out what’s causing your computer issues and solve them for an enhanced performance
  • System performance tune-up - optimize your computer’s performance with security, updates and a thorough cleaning
  • Hardware installations - leave it to the experts to install graphic cards, sound cards, hard drives, power supplies, CD drives and memory upgrades
  • Peripheral installations - we can install software, hardware, USB or Firewire, printers, copiers, scanners, digital cameras, mobile phones, webcams and gaming devices
  • Computer cleaning service - our experts will clean all dust and debris from inside your computer case, fans and drives for an improved performance
  • New computer setup - our technicians will set up your new computer, webcam, Internet, printer and more

Get more from your computer with our in-store and at-home repair services.


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