Surveillance Systems

Design, installation and maintenance of scalable monitoring systems

Whether you want the expanded control of remotely monitoring your business processes, or need to ensure the physical security of your inventory or data, SanTrac Technologies Inc. can provide your surveillance camera solution. Our installations range in size from single, entrance/exit or cashpoint cameras to multi-camera systems programmed to record every detail and every moment of your operation. You can study your customer traffic flow, business process efficiency, staff diligence, security breaches and a range of other crucial data, either recorded or streamed in real time to your device, anywhere and any time.

To understand your options, contact SanTrac and let us provide:

  • Consulting to clarify your goals and options
  • Scaled surveillance systems to meet your needs and budget
  • Expert installation and optimization
  • Training on managing and using the surveillance data
  • Maintenance to ensure reliable coverage and quality image resolution

Our licensed and certified engineers will analyze your business needs and make targeted recommendations for improvements that will provide the best return on investment.


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