Access Control Systems

Control who goes where, when

The ancient tradition of controlling physical access with a lock and key has today been augmented with a wide array of technological control systems, such as card keys and scanners, keypads, biometric readers for fingerprint, eye or voice, etc. They not only allow and prevent access to defined areas, they are programmable so that as access requirements change, so too does the system controlling them. In addition, these systems can monitor traffic flow, providing a useful set of reporting tools for investigations, audits, or productivity assessments. Get in touch with SanTrac and discover how your business access can move past the lock and key.

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  • Addressing one of your business’s chief security concerns: physical access
  • The size and scale of your business's access control needs
  • The different types of access control and credential technologies
  • The ways you can leverage traffic flow data
  • The installation considerations when moving to a new access control system

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