Tier 1 Help Desk Support

Get immediate assistance for your technical issue


Resolve problems efficiently and effectively

The most common IT issues often end up consuming the most time. Fortunately, whether they involve software, hardware, or services, these problems are also those that can easily be fixed.

Tier 1 Help Desk Support is the first, and often only, step to fixing what is troubling you and your systems. Our representatives will guide you through straightforward solutions, perform diagnostics, or address the problem themselves. If a problem cannot be fixed promptly, then Tier 1 Help Desk Support will escalate your case to higher tiers of support.

Tier 1 Help Desk Support gives customers:

Timely assistance

Timely assistance – SanTrac ensures a speedy response to problems and queries to minimize downtime and restore systems to operational condition.

Basic issue resolution

Basic issue resolution – We provide resolution for the most common and straightforward issues.

Guidance and education

Guidance and education – In addition to guiding you through current problems, SanTrac representatives educate you so that you can independently troubleshoot similar issues in the future.

Enhanced user experience

Enhanced user experience – We strive to ensure your experiences with our support services are positive and satisfying.

SanTrac provides the guidance and expertise to get you through the most common and recurring IT issues, saving you time and money.