IT Solutions for Engineering Companies

Unleash the full potential of your engineering workflow

Build smarter, collaborate seamlessly, and secure your designs

The rapid proliferation of technology within the engineering sector necessitates a shift from generic IT solutions to bespoke systems. While technology permeates numerous industries, engineering’s unique demands for advanced software and data handling render one-size-fits-all IT approaches ineffective. To optimize productivity and leverage the latest offerings, engineering firms must invest in customized IT infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with specialized software and facilitates efficient workflows. This tailored approach ensures technology enhances, rather than impedes, engineering excellence.

SanTrac Technologies’ team of experienced technology consultants collaborates with engineering firms to design and implement secure IT systems and networks, optimizing operations and fostering a robust IT environment aligned with their unique needs.


When you partner with SanTrac for your engineering company, you’ll get:

An experienced team

An experienced team of certified IT experts well versed in the intricacies of deploying technology solutions for engineering firms

Cloud-powered solutions

Cloud-powered solutions capable of high-performance computing, computer-aided design, unified communications and collaboration, and more

Off-site or hybrid backup arrangements

Off-site or hybrid backup arrangements to ensure uninterrupted operations

24/7/365 remote IT support

24/7/365 remote IT support to address any of your technology needs, at any time of day, from any location — even at the construction site

Robust and scalable solution

Robust and scalable solutions to ensure your engineering business is sufficiently supported whether it’s lean or peak season for your operations

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed IT services for engineering businesses offer a comprehensive and customized approach to handling the industry’s unique IT needs. They go beyond basic IT support, acting as a virtual IT department that understands the specific challenges and requirements of the engineering sector.

Through a strategic partnership with a reputable MSP, your engineering firm can elevate its IT posture with robust security measures, streamline workflows for enhanced operational efficiency, and achieve predictable cost-effectiveness within your technology investments.

Yes, we can! We provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize your technology landscape and ensure cost-effective alignment with your specific engineering needs. This includes impartial technology recommendations, proactive software license management, and more.