Network Security

Protect your business and its data from cyberthreats of all kinds, both existing and emergent

Your one-stop shop for information security and compliance solutions

Threats to your company’s data security are always increasing in number and sophistication, and you must contend with compliance requirements regardless of your business’s size. Are you prepared to deal with the lost productivity, data loss, lawsuits, and noncompliance fines that result from a data breach?

SanTrac Technologies specializes in the expert planning, implementation, auditing, monitoring, and management of complete information security solutions. We’ll protect your business from any cyberattack, new or existing, by covering all the angles with multiple layers of security.

SanTrac provides a wide range of Network Security solutions, including:

  • Email Protection – prevent spam and viruses from reaching your inbox
  • Web Filtering – block malicious or inappropriate web content
  • Managed Firewall – block bad actors and malware from accessing your IT
  • Intrusion Protection – apply a virtual gatekeeper to your network
  • Managed Wi-Fi Security – protect private and public wireless networks
  • Vulnerability Analysis – pinpoint the weak spots in your security posture

SanTrac takes a proactive approach to your business's safety that results in a well-designed and comprehensive information security solution.