IT MACD Services

Manage technology moves, adds, changes, or disconnection with ease

Save time and money while maximizing productivity with SanTrac’s hassle-free MACD solutions

Are you struggling to keep your technology equipment in line with staffing changes? it’s time to consider MACD services by SanTrac.

MACD is part of IT & Telecom that’s designed to help companies minimize inefficiency and reduce unnecessary costs. It involves IT & Telecom inventory tracking and end-to-end management of service addition, transfers, or disconnection to ensure each of your employees has what they need to deliver great work while you only pay for what you need.

With SanTrac’s IT MACD services, you get:

  • The right services — Understand the level of service provided by each vendor and make the right investment with guidance from our technicians.
  • Optimized ROI — Our detailed inventory tracking and audits ensure your workforce gets the best services for the money you spend and that you never pay for what your business doesn’t need.
  • All the IT and Telecom equipment — Whether it’s a new hire or a staff transfer, they’ll have all the telecom equipment they need to hit the ground running from day one.
  • Less stress and more resources — With our specialists handling all your MACD activity, your teams can focus on their core tasks again.
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