Ensure the timely discovery of cybersecurity incidents

Why early threat detection is crucial in your cybersecurity strategy

The Detect function within the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) is a fundamental aspect that focuses on bolstering an organization’s alertness and incident awareness. By engaging in essential activities under this function, organizations can ensure the timely detection of cybersecurity events and potential threats.


The policies, tools, and procedures to rapidly detect any potential cybersecurity risk

The third step, Detect, involves solutions to quickly discover cybersecurity events, enabling us to mitigate their impact. Categories within this function include anomalies and events, continuous security monitoring, and detection processes.


Activities to detect threats early

The Detect function of the NIST CSF provides organizations with activities for detecting
cybersecurity events early and responding effectively. These include:

Test and update detection processes

This includes activities to test and update the organization’s ability to detect unauthorized entities and actions on its networks and in the physical environment. Unauthorized entities and actions can come in the form of cyberattacks, physical breaches, and personnel activity that violates security protocols.

Maintain and monitor logs

This includes activities to collect and maintain logs of system activity, and monitor logs for suspicious activity. To effectively analyze logs, it’s important to use software tools that can aggregate and organize the data. These tools can help identify patterns or anomalies in the data that may be difficult to detect manually.

Know the organization’s expected data flows

This includes activities to understand the normal data flows within the organization and identify potential cybersecurity events that warrant immediate investigation. Understanding the expected use of data is crucial for detecting and preventing unexpected cybersecurity incidents, such as unauthorized export of customer information, and it is important to discuss data flow tracking and reporting with a cloud or managed IT services provider.

Understand the impact of cybersecurity events

This includes activities to assess the potential impact of cybersecurity events on the organization’s operations and assets. In the event of a cybersecurity incident, it is important to promptly assess the impact of the incident, seek assistance, and communicate with stakeholders to maintain trust and improve policies.

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