PA Systems

Modern solutions for greater agility, better emergency preparedness, and improved customer experiences

Integrate your PA system with your data network and expand your communications

SanTrac partners with Atlas IED, the global leader in integrated PA systems used in airports and other facilities worldwide. Our technicians can customize this powerful solution to your industry and deliver a PA system that is fully integrated with your existing IT network. Your new system will not be limited by device, and can be controlled securely and remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. With faster, more efficient, and more flexible communications, you can maximize productivity, safety, and customer satisfaction.


SanTrac’s unified, digital PA systems are superior to legacy systems, because they have:

  • Smart automation
  • Ambient noise analysis
  • Multiple control options (paging stations, desktops, mobile and VoIP phones, alarm systems, public terminals, and more)
  • Compatibility with older systems
  • Sound quality only possible with digital audio
  • A wide range of specialized options and customizations for all industries (education, manufacturing, etc.)

Don’t underestimate the power of effective and efficient communication. SanTrac’s digital PA systems will be an informative and pleasant addition to your customers’ experiences, as well as a fast and agile lifeline in an emergency situation.

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