Access Control Systems

Control who goes where, when

Like a digital firewall for your physical work space

Modern access control solutions (such as keycards and biometrics) dictate who can access defined areas like a traditional lock and key, but they are also programmable so that restrictions and permissions can be changed on the fly. In addition, these systems can monitor traffic flow, providing a useful set of reporting tools for investigations, audits, or productivity assessments. Get in touch with SanTrac and discover how your business’s access control can move into the future.


Speak to a SanTrac Access Control consultant today and learn:

  • How to address one of your business’s chief security concerns: physical access
  • The size and scale of your business's access control needs
  • The different types of access control and credential technologies
  • The ways you can leverage traffic flow data
  • The installation considerations when moving to a new access control system

Our licensed and certified engineers will analyze your business needs and make targeted recommendations for network improvements that will provide the best possible ROI.

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