Zero Trust Framework

In a zero trust approach to security, trust is earned — not assumed

Trust no one, verify everyone

We can help you establish a zero trust architecture that requires all users and devices to be verified and authorized before they are granted access to any resources, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the network.

What is Zero Trust?

Zero trust is a revolutionary approach to cybersecurity that challenges the conventional belief of implicitly trusting entities within a network. In a zero trust model, trust is never assumed, and strict verification is continually required from anyone trying to access resources, regardless of their location. This security model effectively mitigates risks by minimizing the attack surface and reducing potential damage from security breaches.

Challenges in Adopting Zero Trust

Adopting a zero trust framework presents organizations with various challenges. Transitioning from traditional security models requires a fundamental shift in mindset and a comprehensive understanding of organizational processes and technology. Integrating and coordinating various security elements, ensuring seamless user experience, and dealing with potential resistance to change are among the primary obstacles that organizations face when adopting a zero trust approach.

What is the Zero Trust Maturity Model (ZTMM)?

The ZTMM, developed by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, is a roadmap that helps organizations assess their progress toward implementing a zero trust security architecture. It’s a structured framework that guides the evolution of security measures from the initial stage of building awareness to the final stage of full-fledged zero trust implementation.

The Five Pillars of the ZTMM

By embracing ZTMM and focusing on these pillars, your organization can progressively enhance its
security posture, adapt to evolving threats, and establish a resilient cybersecurity infrastructure.


Ensure comprehensive identity verification and authentication protocols for all users and devices attempting to access resources. Implement measures like multifactor authentication and continuous monitoring to validate identities and manage access effectively.


Manage and secure all devices accessing the network, including laptops, smartphones, and Internet of Things devices. Employ strict controls, regular updates, and monitoring to detect and respond to potential threats, ensuring a secure device ecosystem.


Restructure network security by segmenting and isolating critical assets. Employ microsegmentation to minimize lateral movement of threats, enhancing network resilience and reducing the attack surface.

Applications and Workloads

Protect applications and workloads by implementing robust controls and monitoring mechanisms. Regularly assess and audit applications, apply patches promptly, and use security protocols to safeguard critical assets.


Implement strong data encryption, access controls, and data loss prevention measures. Classify and categorize data based on sensitivity and ensure that only authorized users have access to minimize the risk of data breaches.

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Email Security

Comprehensive, ongoing evaluations of your business and IT environment allow us to identify and minimize your risks


Backup & Disaster

Comprehensive, ongoing evaluations of your business and IT environment allow us to identify and minimize your risks


Dark Web Monitoring

Proactive scanning, real-time alerts, and other intelligence capabilities help stop your private information from being exploited


User Training

Up to date, practical knowledge and skills help your staff use technology safely and eliminate threats


24/7 Network Monitoring

Advanced firewalls, strict user access controls, 24/7 intrusion monitoring and prevention, and more to protect you at the perimeter