Identify Your Risk

Align your cybersecurity strategy with your business objectives

A complete understanding of
your cybersecurity posture
means a safer, more effective

This first step, identify, is critical to the success of the overall framework. It lets us understand your business environment, the resources that support critical functions, and any related cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Once we understand your risks in the context of your business needs, we can successfully devise a strategy that mitigates risks without compromising your abilities to achieve your goals.


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Comprehensive assessments of your assets, risks,
business environment, and policies lead to the most
effective best practices and solutions


Asset Management

We’ll evaluate and strategically manage the risk of digital, physical, and human assets relative to their importance to the business objectives


Business Environment

We devise cybersecurity roles, responsibilities, and risk management with the company’s mission, strategic activities, and stakeholders in mind



Understanding policies and procedures allows us to optimally manage regulatory, legal, environmental, and operational risk


Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity risks across operations, assets, and individuals are evaluated and communicated clearly to your company


Risk Management

Our strategy minimizes operational risk by assessing and managing a business’s priorities, constraints, risk tolerances, and assumptions


Supply Chain Risk Management

Mitigate supply chain risk with ongoing assessments and strategic asset management