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6 User-Friendly Features to Security Tech


We understand that security is paramount…but let’s be honest, complicated security measures can feel like a drag. Complex security solutions can be a barrier for user adoption.

The good news is, many security tools now offer features that deliver robust protection without sacrificing convenience.

Generative AI: What It Is and What That Means For Humans


Generative AI, short for generative artificial intelligence, is a type of AI that can create entirely new content, like text, images, music, and even videos. It's essentially like having a super-powered copy machine that isn't just limited to copying, but can also use what it's learned to generate new and original things.

“Savings” That Could Cost You EVERYTHING

As a business leader, you’re always looking for ways to increase revenue, cut expenses and grow your bottom line. Implementing AI tools, shopping services and running a more efficient operation are great ways to do that. One place you do NOT want to cut corners is using free antivirus or firewall software.

Why Is the Government Banning Microsoft from Its Devices?

Introduction: The Curious Case of Copilot

Do you use Microsoft Copilot?

Do you know what Microsoft Copilot is?

If you do, do you know this: Why has the U.S. government decided to exclude Microsoft’s Copilot from its devices?

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered productivity tool that assists users with coding activities.

Why You Shouldn’t Reuse Passwords


Reduce, reuse, recycle. It’s usually good advice; unfortunately when it comes to your login credentials, this mantra becomes a dangerous suggestion.

Do you have any applications or profiles that share the same password? Perhaps you even have one old, reliable password that you use variations of whenever you make a new account.

Are You Oversharing with Location Sharing?


From Find My Phone services, to Life360 for your friends and family, to allowing certain apps like Maps to see where you are, there are a million reasons why people turn on location services. It’s a quick and convenient way to make sure your loved ones are safe, while simultaneously getting geographically relevant information about where you are and what there is to do nearby.