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Saving Passwords to Your Browser? YOU’RE at Risk!


When you input your password somewhere, does your Internet browser pop up a message asking if you would like to save it to their password vault?

Maybe it even saves your password automatically, and looks something like this…

Browser saved passwords offer convenience, but security-wise, they fall short compared to a dedicated password manager! Here’s why.

AI Spurs Greater Need for Cyber Insurance


It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is growing more and more intertwined with society, and that it subsequently affects each and every one of our daily lives. Currently, Forbes estimates that over 70% of businesses are using or considering A.I. for professional use, whether that’s using it to directly produce goods and services, or simply adding chatbots on their front webpage.

The Truth About Third-Party Data Collection


Ever feel like the internet is following you around? You browse for vintage cocktail shakers, and suddenly every ad screams “shaken, not stirred”? You search for a new stroller on your phone and suddenly every Instagram ad is about pacifiers and cribs?

That is both the magic and mayhem of third-party data collectors.

Is Your Digital Wallet Protected?


Digital wallets have revolutionized the way we handle transactions, offering convenience and efficiency in our increasingly digital world. However, with the convenience comes the need for heightened security measures to safeguard sensitive financial information.

10 Things Great IT Providers Always Do

What sets high-quality, reliable IT support apart from mediocre or substandard support? Is it lower prices? Flat-fee service? At , we believe there are many deciding factors that separate even the good from the great providers, but when our clients switch from their old companies to us, we get the same feedback over and over.